Flowers – Crazy Amigos

Just using up one of my watercolour backgrounds, which has been sprayed with Gold Webbing spray – not very successfully, as you can see, lol :)  I love the background and I loved the stamped piece but I’m not over pleased with the way this has turned out, so may remove layers and make a new one tomorrow, lol.

I remounted onto a plain card – boring but it looks better, I think 🙂

flowers remounted


21 thoughts on “Flowers – Crazy Amigos

  1. Oh no Cath, leave it be, I love it. The colours are lovely and ok the gold webbing hasn't worked how it should but it still looks fab. I have that stamp set and love it xxxxx

  2. You are such a perfectionist! I love it as it is! It's beautiful. I love the way you have highlighted the text and the seed heads – are they the Lavinia ones?

  3. For me, I like it….but totally understand about not being happy and wanting to re-try it.Dont throw this one away though!Every card has its merits.

  4. Maybe it looks better on screen than IRL because this looks lovely from what I can see. Smokey wisps of blue and purple with layered text and images in black and gold. What fantastic colouring. And the gold dragonfly embellishment is a perfect addition. Px

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