Birds for a Special Person

Today is the birthday of my very special friend, Lynne – Happy Birthday, Lynne!
Here’s what I spent the morning making – yep, I know – last minute Katy, as ever.  Enjoyed making it but it’s a while since I’ve done anything like this in such a short time and if you could only see the aftermath – stuff all over my stamping room and all over the kitchen table and the worktops…. lots of tidying up to do now that it’s been delivered.
I taught this at a workshop just before I closed the business but I haven’t ever done it since, so thought I’d give it a rehash.
This is how it started – making the pages from white card, with Colorbox pigment inks – and a bit of Adirondack Twilight Pigment – and stamps.  Oops, the white is Adirondack Snow Cap Dabber, stamped, but it’s not meant to be clear, so that isn’t a mistake.  I like the fact that it gives the illusion of words, a bit of texture and a total contrast – this is an element I use often over inky backgrounds.
As ever, click to enlarge if you want a closer look 🙂

page 1
page 2
page 3
This is the next stage – adding the ‘card’ layer.  It’s hard to explain so I’ve tried to show in a couple of photos.  The card is centred inside the back of the scored page, but opening in the opposite direction.  The smaller, scored flap then goes INSIDE the open ‘small card’.
in progress 2
in progress 3
Then I inked and stamped the fronts of the smaller ‘cards’ and attached them.  A Picture hinge is attached with a brad to the top (or side) of the upper part of the smaller ‘card’ and ribbon attached, just as you would through a tag hole.  Then ribbon is attached to the back of the page, so that it meets up with the ribbon on the picture hinge and can be tied.  The whole thing is then attached to a larger background page (I used two and added images to the front and back of the first one) scored at the side, ready to become the spine.  I strengthened that with mountboard between the pieces, then attached them all with Tim’s book ‘bolts’ – that’s what I call them, anyway 🙂  The charms are gorgeous little charms gifted by the lovely Jo a while ago – only one left now, so Lynne’s highly honoured.  They were dabbed with a bit of black dabber, to make them look a little more aged.
book front
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
inner pages
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050> 
All the main images and words are embossed, so this is my Lots to Do challenge and ‘Something Completely Different’ which is the letter B – Birds.

19 thoughts on “Birds for a Special Person

  1. WOW Cath, no wonder it took you all morning, it is something rather special and I'm sure your friend Lynne will just love it – I do!!!Thanks for playing along with us over on Lotstodo this week – Sam xxx

  2. Hi Cath and oh what a beautiful card – the amount of work that has gone into it is amazing – stunning results and I'm sure it will be treasuredThanks for sharing with the Lotstodo Challenge xx Hilda

  3. How on earth did you manage to get that finished in a morning??? Its fab Cath and I remember you showing us the technique, however, I'd have needed a week, lol. Its lovely and Lynne will love it, x

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