Card for a lovely lady and Sketch …. er Disaster!!

A very simple card for a friend’s Mum.  Don’t you just love Penny Black flowers?  They work so well with felt tip pens.

On KCUK we started a Sketch Challenge this week – well, Dot did – it’s not my cup of tea but I thought I’d have a go… it was a disaster!  WAY too prescriptive for me and I just don’t have the equipment to do what everyone else does.  I also have a love/hate relationship with flowers – I think they’re fab in the right place, but unfortunately, some people have come to see them as a staple and so they stick them where they just don’t belong. Consequently, I’m a confirmed non flower user… a (way over the top) reaction to what I see as overuse and misuse – sounds like the way I feel about P offs????  I’m not really this stubborn all the time – honestly – but I just get a bit tired of seeing everyone’s creations starting to look the same because they all do what everyone else is doing… rant over!!  
Here are my crap cards.  First image is a scan and my scanner doesn’t do 3D, but the colours are almost accurate, though they don’t show the gorgeous teal of the paper (yes, I said PAPER).  Second image is a photo, adjusted slightly, but the colours are way off, as you’ll see when they’re together.


11 thoughts on “Card for a lovely lady and Sketch …. er Disaster!!

  1. ROFL Oh Cath you do make me chuckle! I feel just like you, my best work is very minimal embellishment and the ones where I try to put flowers on although other people seem to like them they just dont sit well with me. Must be your influence rubbing off!You'll have to show me where the challenges are on the group as I can never find nuffin and miss everyfink!

  2. Do you feel better now that you have got that off your chest!!!!Gorgeous cards btw..I have that Penny Black stamp and I have to agree it's so easy to use with felt tips. Must try using the scanner to upload my photos the colour is much truer.

  3. beautiful cards! At least that sketch doesn't have about ten flowers on it! Your post has made me smile, because I know what you mean about sketches and 'pile it on' cards. Love your colours for these, and the first card is stunning, but well done for stepping out of your comfort zone!

  4. Haha OMG it could have been me ranting there. I fell out with flowers a while back cos I saw them being used wherever a space was whether it was relevant or not. And now people think I hate flowers on crafts. But I actually do like them when used appropriately as you say. And I love making home made ones. Flowers make beautiful embellies but make them fit the theme and temper their usage by using other ideas too. There you go – I'm ranting now haha. BTW love the card and as always your talented stamping. Pxx

  5. What are you like?The sketch ones are lovely and I do like the colours on the second one.From someone who has wanted to use flowers like others do but never been able to.

  6. They are both lovely Cath, don't know why you moaned about the sketch there is nothing wrong with it and sorry for being different but I love using flowers

  7. He he he, I love that you introduced your cards as crap cards – we must all have some things we've had a go at and know that they're not our 'thing', and so hate 'em. I know I have…….Just spotted you dropped by my blog recently, THANK YOU!Jo

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