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Today, I’ve been really, REALLY messy, to make up for the clean cards I made in the last couple of days, lol. I’ve been making Marvy Metallic Backgrounds and Twinkler backgrounds – this one was my very own idea, too – not one I found elsewhere, so I’m quite proud of it.

One of the advantages of having had a stamping business was that I had to have a supply of most things I sold, so that I could demo them and also so that the people attending workshops and Stamp Club could use them. I know it sounds daft but it was sometimes a disadvantage because there was just too much to choose from and Twinklers were no exception, although I rarely use them now, which is a shame. They’re so glitzy and the colours are so beautiful. My set is the larger sized jars and in amidst all those pretty jewel like colours, I found some of the smaller Twinklers – 13 in fact – which we must have used before the larger sized jars arrived! So if anyone would like them, just leave a comment here and I’ll put your name in a hat. If they’ve been used at all, they’ve been VERY lightly used, but some of them have no lids – I don’t use lids because they jam if you put them on when the paint is still wet…


The colours are:- Fuzzy Peach, Stargazer, Coral Berry, Wisteria, Evening Primrose, Razzle Berry, Nutmeg, Black Orchid, Bolivian Blue, Oregano, Caribbean Mist, Jasper Red – I think!!

While I remember, I also have a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder that I managed to double up on – don’t know how, but it was probably while doing classes or something… again, very lightly used, although I can’t tell the one I’ve used more from the other now. If you’re interested in that, please leave a comment. It’s the Birds and Swirls design.

birds and swirls

I’d VERY MUCH appreciate it if you’d stipulate which one you’re interested in – Twinklers or Embossing Folder – or I won’t be able to enter you for the draw. I’ll draw a name over the weekend.


32 thoughts on “Blog Candy

  1. OOOOOOhhh,, ahhhhh…yes, please put my name in the hat for both draws! i've been meaning to try out the shimmer paints… and i've been looking for the swirls and birds Embossing folder everywhere!! thanks!juli

  2. Hi Cath, I love Twinkling H2Os & have loads, but as it happens, none of the ones you've listed. Please enter me for your draw to win them!Hope you're going to show us the Twinkler backgrounds you've been making!

  3. ohh Cath i love these and would love to have the chance to get some of these paints i have some but im pretty sure ot these colours thanks for giving us the chance to win some cool paints xxxx

  4. what gorgeous candy i already have the embossing folder which is one of my favourites but not got any of those paints yet so please enter me for the paints thankyou for your kindnesshugsLorraine xx

  5. You are so generous – and if I may I would love to be entered into your draw. May I go in the beautiful paints draw please – they are like gorgeous jewels and it would be such fun to play with them.Good luck everybody

  6. fabulous candy! love my twinkling H20s, and i do have many colours, but not these… HOWEVER, i think i'd prefer the birds folder – i'm quite sure i'd get more use out of that. thanks for such a sweet giveaway, Cath, and good luck, everyone! 🙂

  7. I hope it is OK to put my name in for both draws. I have never tried those paints but I love anything that glimmers or has a metallic sheen. The cb folder looks great and one that I do not have.Thanks for the chances

  8. oh my i have never tried Twinkling H2Os they look so cool and shimmery please would you add me to the draw for those..they sure would be fun to try not only in my crafting but in my watercolour and acrylic art too..

  9. Finally – I'm halfway to leaving a comment. Wanted to even without the candy I just loved the bleeding tissue item – definitely going to have a go at that!.I have the folder – and lots of Twinklers (though not those colours) but I'm not commenting for the sake of candy! Have been following your blog for ages and have only just mastered the 'follower' bit! What a Dodo LOL

  10. I absolutely love your blog. It is a great place to visit for inspiration. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.I would love to win the twinklers.You are so sweeet for this giveawayCeleste

  11. What a generous giveaway, Cath. Is there such a thing as having too much stash!! Twinkling H20's are definitely my thing whether they've been used or not, I love the shine they give!Lisax

  12. Oh I'm so glad life is getting back to normal and you are making a mess again, lol.I love my twinklers too although I don't have any of those colours. I also don't bother with the lids cos they're a blooming nuisance.Pretty please enter me in the draw for the twinklers. Thank you, x

  13. Wow, blog candyI hope I'm not too late. That's what happenning when postponing reading blogs. Thanks for giving us a chance to win. I would really like the Twinking H2O

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