Birthday Book

Now that it’s finally arrived, I can upload a Birthday book and To Do List book I made for Mum’s birthday.  Wot, no stamping?  Not one jot, lol – not like me at all :) 

Just noticed that you can’t really see how this works, so thought I’d explain.  The bottom half of each page is a fold up pocket for popping cards in and the pages are actually folded in two, the open end being the one with the coil.  Inside the covers are some great library bits, which would do for notes (or telephone numbers) or postage stamps.  I’ve made a few of these and really like them 🙂

birthday book mum birthday book and shopping list book

birthday book inside cover  To do list book

I’ve also been knitting and here are the results…

This is a gorgeous book which the lovely Lottie sent to me – isn’t it fab?  It’s photographed on the scarf.

lottie book another scarf

I’m a big fan of black and white any time but aren’t these colours (below) so rich and warm looking?


6 thoughts on “Birthday Book

  1. Wow you love the books and you can knit too – clever – love the colours and the textures of the scarves.I have been crafting, but can't post anything yet because they are surprises – hope to get some more crafting done this week which I can post on my blog – we are forecast rain, sleet and snow all week – nice! But at least it is half term holiday.

  2. That is lovely. I have been meaning to make a book for myself like this, and maybe for presents too. I knew I had seen the pages done like this somewhere in a magazine but I couldn't find it again.Cazzy x

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