Flower power

fuchsia 2

If you look closely at this, you’ll see that the Greeting is smudged – I was going to cover it with another bit of card, with the same Greeting on it before I scanned it but I thought no, I’ll let you see how stupid I can be at times, lol – I smudged it because I turned over the front bit to apply adhesive to the back and didn’t even consider the fact that I’d only just stamped it – duh! 😦 Thankfully, it’s a mistake I can put right 🙂 I love this background. It’s one I made a few years ago, using Versamagic chalk inks and one of the Time to Stamp ATC plates, which are really useful collage elements. The stamp still had inks on it from when I’d used it for the card below (naughty, I know – I’m not always good at cleaning stamps immediately and I won’t tell you how long it is since I made the other one) so before cleaning, I spritzed it with water and stamped onto the background, then overstamped to one side with Onyx Black Versafine and embossed it. And no, I still haven’t cleaned it…

I’ve been waiting for this one to reach its destination, but I give up – it will arrive eventually, I’m sure 🙂 Versamagic is a great ink for pastel colours.

fuchsia 1


17 thoughts on “Flower power

  1. How wonderful, I just love the way you colour parts of a stamp to get the flower heads a different colour and yes -the background is gorgeous – soft and doing what it should do – being in the background rather than competing with the stamped image

  2. I'm glad its not just me who gets so wrapped up in making something that the most simplist of things like not smudging fall to the wayside lol. Serene and floaty though, even with the smudgey bit. Love that background. So delicate. Both extremely beautiful cards.

  3. What beautiful cards, so soft and wistful!!I had to smile at your smudge, I thought it was just me who did things like that!!!!Your backgrounds are stunning, the best things always just happen by accident don't they!!Lisax

  4. I love the card despite the smudge.. .we all do it from time to time and it just proves it is HAND MADE!!!Beautiful colours and backgrounds too,Hugs Jo xxx

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