My mess… and Happy Birthday, Phil!

I’m really short on time right now, so very little time to stamp, which is frustrating, though I did go to a demo (by Mum at the Craft Group she set up before going off to New Zealand) on Tuesday afternoon and got to make a card. Lovely design but I messed it up – yip! Spent too much time chatting with old friends from church and lovely stamping friends.

However, I would perhaps have stamped something quickly, as I need to do my Musical Moments ATCs and a few other things BUT my stamp room is really in a mess. A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, I think – or not , Neet) sent me some photos of what she thinks is her messy stamp room, so I reciprocated. Oops, I bet she has a shock when she gets them. So, I thought I’d give you the pleasure of seeing my creative mess – and I mean MESS. It was tidy a month or so ago but then I had a bit of a creative frenzy and was selecting stamps for a couple of projects and left all the stuff around due to lack of time – or a book being more interesting, lol. Then I started on several resist techniques, all of which are half done and waiting either for colour or to be made into cards. Meantime, I had a quick tidy of what was on the chair (nothing is sacred) and emptied a couple of my trusty baskets and plonked it all onto the desk, leaving myself a few inches to work in. Don’t think there’s even that, now… Check it out for yourself. Meantime, I got new stamps and HAD to try them out quickly, so I made even more mess and didn’t put them away cos they don’t have a ‘home’ yet. (Hangs head in shame…) Just hope it makes you feel better.

Caths desk re

right side of desk re

my mess re

I think I need to tidy up?????

My younger son is 32 today, so Happy Birthday, Phil! I’ve been trying not to wake him too early because he’s in Florida.


9 thoughts on “My mess… and Happy Birthday, Phil!

  1. Happy Birthday to Phil – to you – well what can I say except yours is better than mine (for being a mess). Should I keep away from Vicky Stampers having said that?Hugs

  2. I wouldn't mind all that mess – I have never seen so many stamps and ink pads – it would be my idea of heaven.Off to find that Paper Artsy stamp with French things on – I need them for a project!

  3. My desk was nice & tidy too about a month ago & now I'm lucky if I can reach my keyboard to type this!! I MUST tidy my desk & craft area this morning otherwise my husband will be telling me off!

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