I spent around 2 hours working on one of these yesterday, watercolouring, then scratching out and I was really pleased with what I’d done. I then decided to wipe it over to get rid of the dust and didn’t realise the sponge was as wet as it was. I smudged all the black (Versafine) ink and wiped off half the watercolouring, but I was very good, lol, I didn’t swear. I came upstairs for another one, stamped it, took my paints downstairs and started again, but this one isn’t anywhere near as good as the last one – typical……. I was in the middle of cooking and getting tired by this time – in fact, I almost burned the food…… sigh! The colours seemed to mute when I put the UTEE on, though – they were really vivid and I worked SO hard on the skin, which hardly shows up!! Maybe I won’t spend quite so much time on the next one………..
To make things even worse, I’ve just noticed that I neglected to colour in the chain around his neck – grrrr!!!! I was going to do it with Krylon pen when I came upstairs but I forgot…….


3 thoughts on “Stampbord

  1. I thought the same as Chris – that you had collaged an image. Perfect stamping and colouring – as usual Cath. Wish I could do flesh tones like that

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